Mia, Age 9 | Brain Tumor

Underwent brain surgery, 32 radiation treatments and 9 rounds of chemotherapy — Now is Cancer Free!

Mia came home from school with a bad headache and her parents knew that what was going on didn't seem normal.  They took her to the hospital, tests were done, and it was determined that she had a brain tumor. As a result of her intensive treatment and surgery, she had to re-learn all basic functions such a speech and walking.  But, now at age 9, she is doing great and is cancer free.  The most important people in her life are her mom and dad because they took her to the hospital and her mom knew she wasn't okay and needed to be checked.  She has learned that her family and friends are here for her.  Shopping with her mom makes her smile and feel good. 

She would like to tell her cancer, "I hate cancer!"