Dulce Melisa (Mely), 12 | Diagnosed age 3 (now 12) with Lymphoma Leukemia (ALL)

In remission for 7 years!

“Mely is a warrior, a little person fighting for her life”!

Leukemia was the most terrifying word you could hear when Mely was diagnosed at age 3.  We felt fear, anguish and sadness.  We felt helpless as we did not know how to get Mely out of the situation.

We hoped the doctor’s diagnosis was wrong, we thought our world had collapsed.

Our little girl had to take so much medicine at a time, but we did not lose faith.  We thank the doctor who knew our daughter would be well, and thank God, she has remained in remission for 7 years.

“We all have to keep celebrating life”.

“Thank you to CHAMP for helping us fight,  and informing so many people”.  (Mom)