Presley, 2 | ATRT Brain Cancer

It’s coming up on two years since Presley was diagnosed with ATRT brain cancer at just 5 months old. She is 2.5 years old now and cancer free. She went through 4 brain surgeries, chemotherapy, and 2 bone marrow transplants all before she was 1 years old. Presley is a true miracle since she was only giving a 15% chance of survival from her doctors. She is not the same little baby that laid in her Hospital crib attached to a machines not wanted to move. She is on the move rolling and she just starting trying to sit up on her own. She laughs, smiles and babbles and just lights up a room. She is still G-Tube feed and is on too many seizure medications, but she is here and has things to say and places to be. With all her therapy’s, new medications and support she continues to grow and get stronger every day. She will continue to have MRI’s and blood work every 4 months to check for cancer. She sees numerous Specialists to help her continue her fight. Her smile will light up a room and you will continue to fall in love with her as she fights her fight. Presley is the strongest little girl I know. She don’t know what give up is, she doesn’t know what I can’t is, she just try’s and try’s until she gets it. It’s all on her time and her pace and I believe there isn’t anything that Presley can’t do if she wants to do it. She has something to tell the world. Just wait.