Gisela, 3 | Rhabdomyosarcoma

The cancer has totally changed our way of seeing life. We could not believe that she has cancer and how strong she’s been through her treatment. She’s full of life and the energy that she has it’s amazing. It has taken a toll on the family but with her energy she really is giving us a lesson in the way we see life.

For my daughter it’s been hard when she has to get admitted to the hospital and not be able to go home. The second hardest moment was when her hair fell off she cried. Thinking about not having hair was very hard could not understand why it’s taking so long to grow back. Getting access for her chemotherapy or procedures.

My daughter loves to play with her toys and dolls and brothers. Playing in the backyard with her brothers and enjoying her swimming pool.

She likes going to Peter Piper Pizza, Chuckee Cheese to play and ride the cars. That’s where she forgets about being sick. 

Her brothers and grandparents mean a lot to her because she knows they are waiting for her at home. She comes home after chemotherapy and forgets about being sick. She gives her grandparents a hug and kiss, shows them what they did to her in the hospital or doctor’s office.

She likes to get in the pool and play with her toys it makes her happy.

Even though she’s tired after her chemotherapy, she’s always happy and smiling. She always has energy to play and say I’m not sick.

She doesn’t like cancer. Her saying is “I’m not sick, I’m ok”.