On Treatment Family Retreats

Families finding respite amidst a childhood cancer diagnosis

Our 10-year-old son was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma Leukemia in 2009.  During his 3 ½ year treatment, our family faced numerous challenges. One of the memorable events which helped us as a family to cope was experiencing a family weekend retreat.

Taking a break from the rigors of treatment helped our family to reconnect. Our son was able to enjoy activities with other bald kids with no judgement or expectations. His siblings were able to share stories and find strength and comfort amongst their peers. As a couple, we were pampered, restored, and found community with other families facing a childhood cancer diagnosis.

The organization which provided these weekends to families at no cost is no longer around. CHAMP is filling that void by taking up the baton.  CHAMP completed the first of many On-Treatment Family Retreats February & June 2023.  The next two are on the calendar for mid-February and mid-June 2024.

We need you to partner with us!  Please generously donate to CHAMP and make a tangible difference in the lives of families of children diagnosed with cancer.

Along with financial support, we are looking for Gifts in Kind:

  • Archery Bows (Genesis Archery Sets) 1 left handed, 2 right handed, 2 right handed youth size.
  • Fishing sponsorship
  • Art supplies
  • Gas Cards ($50 increments)
  • Grocery gift cards (to purchase food and snacks)
  • Office supplies

Want to host a fundraiser for the Retreats?

Invite your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues to a Pop-Up Block Walk in your neighborhood.  CHAMP provides resources, invites, ideas, registration platform, Bio Boards and CHAMP Arch.  For more information and to book a date, email: kathryn@septemberchamp.org

We thank you for your support. We know personally how much retreats enable families to bond and find community during a diagnosis and believe CHAMP with YOU, will make a difference.

Thank you,

CHAMP   Cancer Hope & Awareness Month for Pediatrics.