Andrew, 19 | Medulloblastoma

Andrew was born in March and adopted by his family in December of 1999. He was a happy, healthy little boy until his 4th birthday when it was discovered that he had a malignant brain tumor called medulloblastoma. He had a resection at Phoenix Children’s Hospital followed by radiation and 2 years of chemotherapy. His hospital stay lasted 2 months but finally he went home on an IV pump and a feeding tube. With the help of his family and many therapists, he was able to start swallowing again and was soon off the NG tube. After completing the chemo protocol, the tumor was in remission and his port was removed. However, a couple years later at a Andrew began having some drainage from his ears. A biopsy revealed that Andrew now had Langer-Hans Cell Histiocytosis in the bone behind his ears. A new Port-a-Cath was placed in his chest, and he began another 2 years of chemo treatments. After completing that, his port was removed. But once again 2 years later, it came back destroying areas of his skull. Andrew had a 3rd port, another 2 years of a different chemo plan and is now our hero as a 3rd time SURVIVOR!! And he has been cancer free for 4 years now! He is 19 and graduating from Gilbert High School this year. Andrew’s favorite hobby is fishing and going to camp. He uses a device and sign language to communicate with people. Though Andrew is non-verbal, he shares love, compassion and jokes with everyone he meets more than any person we have ever known. He is truly our HERO!!