Keaton, 3 | Stage 4 Wilms Tumor

Prior to hearing the words no parent ever wants to hear, our vivacious Little guy was getting used to being a t-ball player with a desire to be just like his older brother Brody and start school.

After almost a year of what we thought was carsickness and allergy induced bloody noses, our baby was unofficially diagnosed, admitted and scheduled for surgery. The following morning, surgery confirmed a ruptured tumor and several nodules on his lung. Keaton began one week of radiation and eight months of chemotherapy.

Keaton finished chemo May 1, 2018. Since then, he grew his beautiful blonde hair back, filled out his cheeks, made a wish and tested for pre-kindergarten! He gets stronger and stronger every single day and his heart is filled with joy and so much love. This experience has given him a deep sense of empathy for others and a heart of pure gold. Today, we walk for you Keaks.
You are my warrior. We are forever grateful for the team at PCH and the childhood cancer community as a whole for the unwavering support.