Lily, 4 | Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Lily Victoria Taylor was born on March 17, 2014 (St. Patty’s Day) and very quickly won the hearts of all of those she encountered. Even before she could speak her huge smile and voracious laughter both entertained and melted the hearts of friends and family members. Lily’s love for life is evident today as she is ALWAYS on the move. Her constant chatter and song writing brighten everyone’s day around her. On December 19, 2017 Lily was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.. She was only three years old at the time getting ready to celebrate her first real Christmas with her loved ones. She spent the first month and a half of treatment in patient fighting off a severe fungal ear infection which lead her to 60% loss of hearing in one ear. Today Lily is on the path to recovery completing her last major treatment September 21, 2018 and will be entering her two year maintenance program shortly. Lily has maintained her positive and vibrant spirit throughout the entire treatment process. She continues to dance, sing, and race her way through the hospital halls and is known at Cardon’s as Super Lily. If you can catch up with her she’ll tell you she loves unicorns, waffles, and “C” shaped mac and cheese. If visiting the pediatric oncology floor please be advised she may be seen riding a tricycle at full speed with one of her parents pushing an IV pump feverishly behind her.