Axel, 2 | Neuroblastoma

Axel born March 2013.

Axel was only 2 ½ years old, he was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma.

Saying this came as a shock would be an understatement.

As a result of this newfound cancer diagnosis, Ax began 7 rounds of chemotherapy. Immediately and after we were so blessed to be told that he was NED (No Evidence of Disease). Ax continued the entire course of treatment, underwent a bone marrow transplant, months of immunotherapy, and 15 rounds of radiation; before finally completing treatment in Nov of 2016.

As with all great things, his victory was short-lived. March 2017, Axel had relapsed. With less than a 10 % chance of survival, he began treatment again almost immediately. He in endured countless chemo and immunotherapy treatments, plus an additional 10 rounds of radiation, all to no avail. We began our desperate search for a treatment trial across the United States. In July Ax underwent a MIBG radiation trial in San Francisco and as one, final, last ditch effort, underwent the Neuroblastoma T-cell trial in Seattle in November of 2017.

For two months I held my breath, I prayed, I knelt on the ground and begged God not to take him, but our last attempt at saving Ax was unsuccessful. We flew home devastated. Ax began palliative care and his health began to deteriorate rapidly.  His Make a Wish trip to Disney World was expedited. When we returned from Florida, I made the hardest, most heart wrenching decision of my life and I signed his DNR. Ax was transferred to hospice care in Feb 2018. After a tough 2 1/2-year fight, Axel Michael Timmons finally won his battle with cancer on March 13th, 2018 when he was granted his angel wings and made his way into the gates of Heaven.

Ax was the light of my life and honestly IS the bravest, most inspiring person I have ever known. He was always happy, even when he had no reason to be. He was a kind and gentle soul, charismatic and funny. I vow to help others in honor and memory of Axel and to keep his memory alive for the remainder of my life. My goal in life is to inspire others in the ways he has inspired me to be a better, loving, and more compassionate person.