Yamilet, 4 | Wilms Tumor

Yamilet is an amazing 4 year old girl. In October 19, 2017 we were hit with hard news that she had a cancerous Wilms tumor and would have to go through surgery. Once her surgery was over we discovered that they removed her tumor, right kidney, and appendix. Her Oncologist wanted to make sure everything was completely removed and had her go through 15 rounds of chemotherapy because she had some lymph nodes removed from her chest. With Yamilet only being 2 years old she really didn’t understand what was happening to her. Every time we arrived to the hospital for her chemotherapy, she would say “Mommy I’m getting an owie”, when it was time for them to access her port. After every chemotherapy, she would leave that hospital stronger than ever hardly any symptoms, being so little and not letting “Cancer” destroy her. I admire Yamilet for defeating cancer at such a young age and staying strong the whole time.

Our precious girl has shown us that if she could go through chemotherapy and defeat cancer she can accomplish anything that she wants in this world.