Christian, 7 | Brain Cancer

During a routine exam in June 2016, it was discovered that Christian had no vision in his right eye and was diagnosed with Brain Cancer.  Brain surgery left him completely blind, and life as we knew it, changed forever.

Life revolved around chemo, countless MRI’s and daily medication to treat permanent effects caused by the tumor.

Christian has taken his “disability” and turned it into his ABILITY! He is an amazing boy that puts forth his happiness and positivity in everything he does and with everyone he meets. He loves swimming, playing drums, and riding his bike. In school, and with SAAVI (Southern Arizona Association for the Visually Impaired) he is learning to read and write braille, use his walking cane, and tackle daily life activities. He is not afraid to try or learn new things, and won’t stop until he gets it right! 

Christian continues to have MRIs every 3 months, as well as specialty appointments to monitor treatments for permanent illness caused by the tumor.

Amidst all of these continuous challenges and changes, Christian continues to thrive. He reminds us every day that nothing is impossible as long as we have faith and hope.