Lily, 7 | ALL – Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Our little girl, Lily, was three years old at the time and had been sick on and off again for months.  When her fever spiked from an ear infection, we took her to the emergency room.   Within hours we were dealt the most devastating blow a parent can ever receive…our Lily had leukemia. 

The financial, physical, and mental stress of a child fighting for their lives is overwhelming as a parent. Lily spent over a month living in the hospital and our lives turned upside down overnight. Over the 2.5 years of her treatment, she lost her hair twice, experienced liver failure, endured over 29 surgeries, lost hearing in her left ear, and spent almost a year in quarantine due to her fragile condition.  

Through all of her pain and suffering, Lily continued to warm us with her bright smile and big laugh.  Her spunky and tenacious attitude never failed.  With tired legs and aching bones, Lily still never stopped trying to run, dance and play and it was all we could do to keep up with her.  She has taught us that life is too short to waste, that dreams have to be chased and that family and love are the most precious gifts of all. 

Today, Lily is seven years old and cancer free!  Her hair has grown back, her hearing loss has been repaired and she is loving every moment of a life free from treatments.  She is still unstoppable: loves to run, dance, swim and play!   We thank God every day for the gift of Lily.  Her journey is the inspiration behind our family founding the nonprofit – Lily’s Pad.

Lily’s Pad is working to give every child the freedom to play!