Lucy Kiehl, Age 1 | Neuroblastoma

Lucy Kiehl is a 1 year old sweetheart with a huge personality. She was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in April 2017, but hasn’t let it slow her down! Lucy loves to scoot around and cover as much distance as possible, even with an IV or feeding tube attached. She also really enjoys music and clapping, and even gets excited for her big sister’s favorite show, Curious George. Cancer was never anything we expected to experience in our family, but it’s something that happened. While we’ve had our grieving times, we’ve also been able to come together closer as a family to really give Lucy the positive environment around her she needs to fight through. Times are tough with this diagnosis, but it hasn’t broken us and won’t. Your participation is crucial to helping other children like Lucy get the best treatment and the most effective treatment. Think about all the smiling faces you have helped while your run or walk!