Colby, 4 | AFP (Alpha Fetoprotien) Hepatoblastoma

Colby has an incredible story from the day she was born, 4 months early. She was diagnosed with AFP (Alpha Fetoprotien) Hepatoblastoma 1 month before her 2nd birthday. On the initial diagnosis we spent about a week in the pediatric oncology unit and had her first surgery to place the chemotherapy port. She got spend Christmas and New Years at home but spent her 2nd birthday receiving inpatient Chemotherapy. To date Colby is 2 years Cancer Free and counting!

Colby loves her dogs, Disney movies, her friends, the water, and finally getting to go outside! She is an outside kind of girl! 

With Colby and the cancer diagnosis, nothing stops us. Not only is Colby a Cancer Survivor she is also a Micro-Preemie, born at 23 weeks gestation. Colby has known only to fight and keep fighting since the day she was born. The Micro-Preemie and Cancer diagnosis’ have affected me and my family in so many ways – too many to list. Mostly to value life as it truly can be taken in a moment. Time with your loved ones and the precious moments you have with them is a top priority. There isn’t anything life can throw at me that can cause my life any stress – our lives are too short and precious to stress over anything. Smile, there is always something worth smiling about – Colby, my fighter, is home – I have nothing to stress over and everything in the world to smile about.