Kendrick, 3 | Myxoid Soft Tissue Sarcoma

“People have no idea of the fights he fights every day”

At 3 months, Kendrick stopped moving his legs and appeared in pain during diaper changes. An  MRI discovered a mass growing inside his spinal cord. Kendrick had surgery to remove the tumor, but 9 months later another tumor appeared, this was also removed surgically. At age 14 months, the tumor returned, but Kendrick’s little body could not handle another surgery. After calling hospitals around the nation, he was put on a daily medication which has helped the tumor stay stable for 18 months.

He is only 3, so does not understand what cancer is yet, but is starting to notice he is not like everyone else.

Kendrick is a real boy’s boy, he has so much drive. Kendrick now has movement to his knees and is working hard on trying to stand and walk! As a three-year-old, he wants to do so many things, but is restricted by his wheelchair. He never feels sorry for himself, he just asks for help or finds a different way of doing things.

Our family motto: “Keep cool and make life as normal as possible”